Thursday, 5 February 2009

My electric bike and

I recently had a meeting with Gerry and Ronan in Dublin to
discuss their plans for the web site On a
freezing January morning we talked about what is for me,
essentialy a fair weather activity but I had just agreed to
write this blog about my soon to arrive electric bike.

A few weeks later and we are in the grip of the worst
winter for 20 years here on the south coast of England
and I can't wait to get out on the bike!

So the purpose of myelectricbike.blogspot is to share my
experiences in dealing with and riding one
of their bikes. Due to the increasing number of enquiries,
Gerry is looking at exporting Kenbay electric bikes from
Ireland and we need to work out the logistics.

In the vast majority of cases Kenbay sell a range of electric
bikes through dealers in Ireland who set the cycles up for
their customers. More and more people want to buy direct
from Kenbay so my experience with getting the "bike out
the box" should be fun, interesting and hopefully something
we can learn from.

If you want to write a comment or ask a question please
do so, it would be good to hear from other electric bike
riders as well.